Redefining the home as a product for a prop-tech pioneer


Veev pioneers the application of cutting-edge technologies, advanced processes, and material science in the pre-fabricated housing industry. Their mission is to revolutionize real estate development and construction by placing the consumer at the center. Veev believes that homes are the ultimate consumer product, deserving of superior quality and faster construction. With offices in Tel Aviv and Hayward, California, Veev seamlessly integrates design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and construction, setting a new standard for efficiency and excellence in comparison to traditional methods.

After a successful round of funding, Veev sought to redefine their brand identity, positioning themselves as market leaders in both commercial and residential real estate. They needed to establish brand recognition across their product portfolio, refine their tone of voice and messaging, and create a brand experience that embodies the concept of ‘Exceptional Living’. Through extensive stakeholder interviews, immersive brand workshops, and iterative working sessions, we crafted a brand identity that perfectly aligns with Veev’s unique vision in addition to a modern web interface and crafted 3D animations that vividly showcase the essence of their cutting-edge technology and innovative approach.

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Tone of voice / Brand Website

Work completed at Moving Brands


Working closely with Veev’s board of directors and VP of Brand and Marketing, we delved deep into understanding Veev’s unique value proposition and the intricacies posed by a brand that had organically evolved over the span of 12 years. Entrusted with the mission of refining their existing brand logo, we set out to craft a custom logo type that would serve as the cornerstone for a comprehensive brand identity system, ensuring seamless adaptability across print, digital, and physical applications.

‘We need to be able to see brand recognition throughout our product portfolio, having a brand that speaks to exceptional living for all’

Our Appraoch

Teaming up with the esteemed type designer, Leo Fields, we embarked on a journey to reimagine the Veev cursive logo. Our aim was to enhance its performance across various channels, establish a stronger brand presence, and ensure optimal legibility even at smaller sizes. The resulting free-form logotype embodies a dynamic and positive flow, radiating a sense of warmth, creativity, and precision. This quality seamlessly translates into distinctive system graphics and communication designs.

In tandem with the graphic elements, we meticulously crafted a robust type system capable of harmonizing seamlessly across print, web, and internal presentations. Additionally, a secondary color palette was introduced, offering the brand enhanced flexibility in accommodating different subsets within its portfolio.


With a solid brand foundation in place, we extended the new brand identity across a diverse range of touchpoints, ushering in a transformative era that promises to future-proof the organization for years to come. This comprehensive brand identity system, coupled with a strategic framework, was delivered in a digital set of guidelines and downloadable assets. This ensured effortless circulation within the team,giving them the flexibility needed to further refine and advance the brand.

The revamped brand has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. Following the rebrand, Veev proudly announced multiple successful funding rounds, propelling the San Mateo, California-based company’s total raised capital since its inception in 2008 to an impressive $600 million.

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