Monokrome Photos

Brand Identity

Developing a timeless icon for a fine art photography collective


Monokrome Photos, a San Francisco-based fine art photography collective and digital gallery, is a celebration of classic and contemporary photography. A canvas for emerging photographers, and a steadfast supporter of local artists specializing in film and analogue mediums. Nestled in the creative hub of San Francisco, Monokrome serves as a dynamic platform, showcasing the diverse perspectives of up-and-coming talents while preserving the authenticity of traditional art forms.

As part of an engagement to evolve the company’s visual identity, we crafted a distinctive monogram and brand system that would seamlessly pair with their portfolio of photographic images.

Brand Identity, Brand System Design

Our Approach

We designed a bespoke brand logo, drawing inspiration from photographic composition. The typographic M Monogram mirrors the contrast found in black and white photography and embodies the essence of Monokrome’s portfolio through a carefully selected grayscale color palette


The monogram is paired with a dynamic grid which forms the core of a reductive yet flexible brand system. The system, including a lead brand typeface, color palette, and layout approach, effortlessly scales across web and social media, confidently framing the captivating imagery Monokrome represents.


Beyond a logo, we crafted a spectrum of brand collateral and materials. From packaging to stationary, merchandise, and social media templates, we ensured every touchpoint was an extension of Monokrome’s visual narrative. By aligning the brand with their artistic heart, we elevated Monokrome’s viusual presence, forging a connection with their audience that would resonate beyond the confines of the frame.

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