Brand Identity

Empowering a film funding non-profit to shift the systems that drive positive impact


Cinereach, a non-profit film funding organization headquartered in New York and established in 2006, is dedicated to supporting filmmakers through grants, awards, an annual fellowship, and in-house productions. The company also collaborates with esteemed film development organizations like the Sundance Institute.

In pursuit of a broader vision to establish Cinereach as a dynamic media incubator and a hub that harmonizes art, science, and community-informed cultural perspectives, we were brought on board as their creative partner.

Our brief was to reimagine their brand positioning and identity. Together, we crafted a refreshed brand foundation, encompassing a compelling brand narrative, a refined brand positioning, and tone of voice guidelines. Additionally, we introduced a fresh visual identity and a brand website.

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Website

Work completed at Moving Brands


As a media incubator and creative playground, Cinereach combines art and science with community-informed cultural perspectives. Pioneering new formats of story making to impact a broader set of audience audiences and generate greater curiosity and awareness to issues such as sustainability, pluralism, and justice.

‘We are shifting the systems that lead to change. How can we sparkle and inspire wonder?’

Our Approach

Central to the revitalized identity lies a symbolic logo, a testament to the melding of Science, Content, Community, and Culture. This emblematic representation stands as a north star of the company’s vision. Leveraging the insights gleaned from our brand strategy, the amalgamation of these four elements exerts a catalytic influence, visually encapsulating their value proposition of ‘Catalyzing Change,’ and a manifestation of ‘how they sparkle.’


The new identity has garnered a warm reception, demonstrating significant impact across the nonprofit’s social channels and website. Giving them the tools they need to distinguish themselves in the market, heighten awareness, and empower future storytellers.

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