Pearson — Product Design

Pearson is the largest multinational publishing and educational company in the world, owning such media brands as Addison-wesley, BBC Active, Prentice Hall, Penguin books and the Financial Times. In 2013 a brief was established to identify ways Pearson could revolutionize their product sales process. Part of this initiative was to reduce annual printing costs when distributing course materials and product samples to prospective customers.

As part of an 18 month engagement I was brought in to help Pearson redefine a somewhat fragmented brand identity into a coherent global visual language.The newly defined brand assets could then be used to inform a variety of products and act as a foundation upon which they could begin to align their brand. The project proved to be a great success and was well received by the client, helping to secure a longer term future in providing educational materials to schools based in the United States.